Bakoven, Cape Town

Bakoven, Cape Town view

Bakoven is a small residential suburb on the west coast of the Cape Peninsula, in the southwest of Camps Bay.

It is positioned between Victoria Road and the ocean. South of Bakoven and Camps Bay the coastline is protected, with thousands of acres of mountain Nature Reserve. This scenic drive from Bakoven and Camps Bay to Llandudno and Hout Bay is one of the most visited in the Cape.

It has a quiet beach atmosphere, good conditions for snorkeling, boating and fishing, as well as the Nature Reserve in the South, with trendy Camps Bay to the north and east.

Bakoven has two popular beaches, Beta Beach and Oudekraal.

The Suburb enjoys long daylight hours and spectacular sunsets all year round. Although summer bring many tourist, this suburb is warm and moderate all year round.

Suburb Statistics:

In the last 12 months BAKOVEN had 50 properties that sold.

If you are looking for an investment property, consider houses in BAKOVEN rent out for an average of R 80 000 per month, with an annual rental yield of 4,58 %, and apartments rent for an average of R 37 000 per month, with a rental yield of 5,04 %.

Based on five years of sales, BAKOVEN has seen a compound growth rate of -18.41% for houses and -24.77 % for apartments.

Average rental per month in BAKOVEN @ June 2022

1 bedroom unit: R 17 160 2 bedroom unit: R 37 000
3 bedroom unit: R 72 000
House: R 80 000